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As in the past tense of shit. It's a word that you usually don't see on this side of the Atlantic (and by that I mean the western side) and especially around here (again the west side --WEST SIIIIDE!) Enough of that.


The jealousy has set in. I'm tired of seeing other peoples slick sweet looking Blogs and mine just looking so much shated... Never mind that.
No more posts until this new bad boy is up!

Peace until then.

posted by gimptek | 5/17/2003 06:45:00 AM


Old Friends Hopeful Lovers
"...don't be caught too close to the beach..."

What a title. With that title, one could go places, conceptually, that I haven't even mentioned yet. Places that mine alone to go, mine alone to wander free, yes, wander free like a calf in spring time.

Spring. It's here. So are all the flowers and Mother's Day and the ansy butterflies, that flitter from flower to acidic flower in that bowl of sunshine known as the pit of my stomach.

Hemlines are going up like the temperature and its all a guy can do stay away from noticing this going on all around them. Backs, arms, necks and even stomachs bared for the sun to see, I just happen to be around when that happens--I a person of the public, in the public area just happen to see this.

Some say "bounce the eyes" but, I ask where is my rest? Where is the beauty without peril, the cute girl that isn't a hottie or at least doesn't dress that way?

I guess it's too late.

Because I LOVE low riding jeans and that belt of skin that's just so fashionable these days, around a girls proper stomach below a tee-shirt or better yet a tank top that stops just short of the waist and jeans that start just two beats after the bottom of the stomach. Luck is seeing a belly button, greater luck is if it's taut, tanned skin and it's the very Fates themselves if the owner of these happens to smile at you.

Friendliness is another by-product of spring like capris and pheremones. Both get the blood rushing and like a tidal wave, it's better to avoid rather than take on directly and as some villagers tend to move farther inland, I tend to stay indoors. For the both of us, physical displacement works best but, don't be caught too close to the beach, especially in monsoon season or earthquake season.

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Oh... And before I forget

BAD_ASSTHETIC - A possible replacement, side project/identity set to Slackstation.

So far, a name (that speaks for itself) and an idea for monkeying around under this new name. Something to hold the place between Slackstation and a REAL design ID.

Tell[e_mwangi at yahoo dot com] me what you think.

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When Cursing seems closer to the truth
So good, now with 2 quotes

...it's almost as bad as active listening which is my greatest pet peeves of late. It's also something I do all the time without realizing it.

...if people ignore the truth and like too much stomach acid, eat away at the delicate inner lining of their soul!

What I said in the blog on the 5/5 was hyperbole. I didn't mean it. Don't get me wrong, it's the truth of how I felt but, it's not what I belive. And I'm not saying this because of the language used. I'll say FUCK IT when I feel like it. So, in the spirit of the blog, it was the right thing to do and I don't regret it. I regret feeling like that and letting that feeling get my goat so much. But, then that's the jist of the problem.

I'm getting so annoyed that I'm thinking of leaving my church. The church that I love and that loves me. Sorry for all you non-church goers out there that don't think one can be happy in church (much less find God). A good church will help you do both as mine does.

I had a really introspective and deeply revealing blog all written up in the middle of the night on a weirdly random Fullerton College Student Handbook and Academic Planner. It's written in almost illegibly small handwriting. I tend to write that way as a hopeless way of trying to hide what I write from myself and others but, it tends to make people more inquisitive about what's written there. Obscuring the text a bit (by making it smaller and hard to read) presents people with an easily overcome problem. This gives the thing more interest and draws attention to it.

It's like people whispering in right next to someone else. It makes me want to try to overhear the people and I have to put effort actively not listening. It's very annoying (just so you know) and it's almost as bad as active listening which is my greatest pet peeves of late. It's also something I do all the time without realizing it.

In the interest of my readership and my own burgeoning ego, I'm contemplating setting up a photoblog (a weblog of photography) on my own server with some swank custom software.

It excites me to think that I have readers. A readership. Other bloggers just assume they have them and write like it until they come. It makes for a cool back log of posts that readers can later browse if people ignore the truth and like too much stomach acid, eat away at the delicate inner lining of their soul!

Nuff Said.

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Safety in Groups

Ironically, they are one of my new favorite bands--The Hives.

The Hives are pretty good angery music but, in a very... Simplistically, minimalistic, swedish post-punk 70's punk revival sort of way. In other words, they ROCK.

I don't think I really want people reading this page. Now that I've been thinking about it. I almost want strangers and not friends. That's what's going on already.

Everyone that reads this seems to care enough about what's going on with their friend to read a freaking link every now and then. Those that don't might read it once and never come back.

Fine by me. Kinda clarifying the situation that's already here. People that read this I want them to read it but, the people that would piss me off to read this, especially to respond, don't read it.

Thinking about it is making me mad. I should work out or something to get rid of this anger but, I like working out. I like making art--I love these things and I don't want to sully them with these stupid freaking....AH!

What ever. It's done. What can you do?

posted by gimptek | 5/05/2003 11:39:00 AM

Fuck It.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. It's the same sad song, I know but, it's so damn true. I'm reverting to junior high english, I know but, I don't care. The people who read this won't so, why censor? FUCK. Even this isn't coming out right.

With few exceptions, my friends aren't friends to me. They are at best very familar aquintaces. I'm wondering how long it's going to take some of them to figure me out. I'm wondering how long it's going to take some of them to even ask how I'm doing in some way that's non-trivial. I'm tired of laying myself out every time someone asks how I'm doing and all I get in return is an attempt at a concerned look. Wipe that stupid thing off your face and get out of mine. I'm tired of choosing to be quiet for an evening and everyone all of a sudden being concerned if I'm OK or not. Just beause I'm not singing and dancing a damn jig. Just because I'm not engaging and out going and interesting, something is wrong. I feel like a server. Some stupid machine that sits in the corner and only get's attention when it's broken. I'm not some fucking machine. I know when people aren't listening and I know when people don't care. People don't have to care. It's their perogative. But, don't say your going to care if your not and don't act all concerned if your not. Don't be suprised when I leave and don't worry about the silence. It's not your problem any more and maybe it never was.

posted by gimptek | 5/05/2003 11:18:00 AM